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Afgelopen weekend

kwam o.a. deze lijst binnen:

A Tribe Called Quest-We Got It From Here…..
Air-Moon Safari
Beck-Odelay -Hq/Download-
Bowie, David-Legacy
Bon Iver-Bon Iver
Dans Dans-3 -Lp+Cd-
Dans Dans-I/Ii 2-LP
Dans Dans-Sand
dans-3 dans-i-ii dans-dans-sand-lp
De La Soul-And The Anonymous Nobody
Doors-Doors -Stereo-
Doors-Waiting For The Sun -Hq-
Ghost-Popestar -Ep-
Ghost B.C.-Infestissumam
Joy Division-Closer
Joy Division-Unknown Pleasures
Klangstof-Close Eyes To Exit
Kreator-Enemy Of God -Lp+Cd-
Kreator-Hordes Of Chaos -Lp+Cd-
Kreator-Violent Revolution-Lp+Cd-
Mars Volta-Octahedron
Mayer, John-Continuum +1
Mayer, John-Paradise Valley -Lp+Cd-
Melvins-Stoner Witch-Gatefold/Hq-
Monsere, Annelies-Debris >> gereserveerd <<
Old 97’s-Too Far To Care -Hq-
Radiohead-A Moon Shaped Pool
Run Dmc-Raising Hell
Savages-Adore Life
Savages-Silence Yourself
Sheeran, Ed-Multiply (x)
Sia-This Is Acting
Sigur Ros-Agaetis Byrjun -Lp+Cd-
Sigur Ros-Kveikur >> gereserveerd <<
St. Germain-Tourist -Remast-
Tame Impala-Currents
Them-Sweet Hollow >> gereserveerd <<
Thirty Six Crazyfists-Bitterness The Star -Hq-
Wolfe, Chelsea-Abyss
Young, Neil-Peace Trail
Rheinzand-Way You Do >> gereserveerd <<
Kult Of The Wizard-White Wizard

A Tribe Called Quest-We Got It From Here…..
Cash, Johnny-American Iv:Man Comes Around
Cryptopsy-Book Of Suffering:Tome 1
Damme, Ellen Ten-Berlin >> gereserveerd <<
Darkthrone-Transylvanian Hunger
Darkthrone-Under A Funeral Moon
Di Meola, Al-Elegant Gypsy/Casino >> gereserveerd <<
Doors-Doors + 3
Doors-Soft Parade + 5
Doors-Waiting For The Sun + 5
Einaudi, Ludovico-In A Time Lapse
Five Finger Death Punch-Got Your Six >> gereserveerd <<
Gallagher, Rory-Deuce -Remast-
Gallagher, Rory-Rory Gallagher -Remast-
Gallagher, Rory-Tattoo -Remast-
Ggu:Ll-Dwaling -Digi-
Hendrix, Jimi -Experience-Are You Experienced
Immortal-Battles In The North
Magnum-Valley Of Tears
Morbid Angel-Blessed Are The Sick-Ltd-
My Dying Bride-A Line Of Deathless Kings >> gereserveerd <<
My Dying Bride-Angel And The.. -Cd+Dvd- >> gereserveerd <<
Pink Floyd-Animals
Rival Sons-Great Western Valkyrie >> gereserveerd <<
Scars On Broadway-Scars On Broadway >> gereserveerd <<
Sibiir-Sibiir -Digi-
Spandau Ballet-An Evening Of Gold >> gereserveerd <<
Williams, Lucinda-Ghosts Of.. -Digi-
Withers, Bill-Real… Bill Withers

Turntable-Stir It Up Turntable House Of Marley


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