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Nieuw op CD en LP deze week:

Strokes – Angles
De Kift – Brik

Alamo Race Track – Unicorn loves deer

Soundgarden – Live on i-five

Paatos – Breathing

Souldiers – These times
Cage The Elephant – Thank you happy birthday
Green Day – Awsome as fuck

Travis Barker – Give the drummer some

Jeff Beck – Rock & roll party
New York Dolls – Dancing backward in high heels

Chef’Special – One for the Mrs.

Classic Brothers – Off
Crookes – Chasing after ghosts
Neil Diamond – Bang years
Tommy Emmanuel – Little by little
Bill Evans – Sesjun radio shows
Fitz & The Tantrums – Pickin’ up the pieces
Serge Gainsbourgh – Double best of
La Boutique Fantastique – la Boutique fantastique
Nick Lowe – Labour of lust
Clare Maguire – Light after dark
Bob Marley – Live forever
Miami Hour – Illumination
Polock – Getting down from the trees
A.J.Roach – Pleistocene
Raphael Saadiq – Stone rollin’
Sergent Garcia – Una y otra vez
Uriah Heep – Official bootleg 3 live in kawasaki 2010
V/A – In A Cabin With (Traditionals)
Roger Waters – the Wall
Joe Bonamassa – Dust bowl blues
Howe  Gelb & A Band Of Gypsies – Alegrias
Haunted – Unseen
Human League – Credo
Matt & Kim – Sidewalks
Micachu & The Shapes – Chopped & screwed
Mojobone – Crossroad message & tales from the bone
Tesseract – One

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Dit bericht is geplaatst op 16 maart 2011 door in Nieuwe Releases.
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