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Candlemass & Wardruna op Roadburn 2011! Persbericht:


CANDLEMASS TO CELEBRATE 25 YEARS OF DOOM AT ROADBURN FESTIVAL 2011 – Epicus Doomicus Metallicus in its entirety with Johan Längquist on Vocals 

Leif Edling comments: “Candlemass is on for Roadburn 2011! I’m very happy! Not only for the chance to redeem ourselves, it is still our 25th anniversary for god’s sake! A black piece of vinyl called EPICUS DOOMICUS METALLICUS came out almost exactly 25 years ago, and it will be a bonechilling event for us all… to play the whole shit live at Roadburn! Can’t wait! The lights, the sound…t he projector show… everything will be absolute KILLER!! Pentagram and Candlemass at Roadburn next year. Jeez… what a show!!!”


 Roadburn is beyond thrilled to report that Swedish doom metal legends Candlemass (celebrating 25 years of doom, including “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus” in its entirety; featuring original vocalist Johan Längquist) and Wardruna, the dark ambient folk project led by former Gorgoroth drummer Kvitrafn, have been confirmed for a special performance at Roadburn Festival 2011.  

Kvitrafn comments: “I am very pleased and honored that we are invited to contribute to Roadburn 2011. The festival with its very credible artistic focus and approach is something that I feel is very right for Wardruna to be a part of.”

In other news, stonerrock-legends Acid King, The Gates of Slumber, Liturgy and Ramesses have also been confirmed for Roadburn Festival 2011.

Sponsored by Terrorizer Magazine and Germany’s Rock Hard, Roadburn Festival 2011, including Sunn O)))’s special event, SWANS, Wovenhand and Pentagram will run for three days from Thursday April 14 to Saturday April 16 at the 013 venue and Midi Theatre in Tilburg, Holland. There will be an additional Afterburner event on Sunday, April 17  2011.


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