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Nieuw binnen 30 september t/m 04 oktober (tot nu toe)

Beth Hart – My california
Killing Joke – Absolute dissent
Legendary Pink Dots – Seconds late for the brighton line
Doobie Brothers – World gone crazy
John Mayer – Battle studies cd+dvd
Joe Cocker – Hard knocks
I Blame Coco – Constant
Wir Sind Helden – Bring mich nach hause

Black Anvil – Triumvirate
Unearthly Trance – V
Down – Diary of a mad band 2cd+dvd
Valient Thorr – Stranger
Bring me the horizon – There is a hell..

Thievery Corporation – It takes a thief

Natacha Atlas – Mounqaliba

Singer Songwriter/Blues
Ari Hest – Twelve mondays (TIP!)
Los Lonely Boys – Keep on giving: acoustic
Blue Floyd – Live at Birch Hall (leden van Gov’t mule, allman bros & black crowes)
Simon McBride – Since then

Solomon Burke & De Dijk – Hold on tight
Joe Tex – Singles A’s & B’s vol.2

Hip Hop
Ice Cube – I am the west


Eén reactie op “Nieuw binnen 30 september t/m 04 oktober (tot nu toe)

  1. Frederic Kaliska
    25 november 2010

    Apperently you’re a fan from cool music aswell!
    I found your songs on an awesome streaming-player!
    It can directly spile the database from EMI, Sony Music & Universal with better quality – no mp3 or CD!!
    If you like, we can swap our playlists! Legaly! XD
    my other favorites:

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